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Obiora Embry is not only an author but also a poet, amateur photographer, born again artist, entrepreneur, engineer‐in‐training, and a developer with a love for what is real and natural.  He finds beauty in Nature and knows that we must "wake up from our collective slumber" to solve the problems we humans have created.  Obiora is a life‐long learner and on his journey he has been educating and healing himself, mentoring and educating others, volunteering, growing food and cooking flavorful, colorful, healthy meals.

Obiora is from mixed ancestry, which includes African (his country of origin is unknown), Cherokee, and European.  He was fortunate to grow and develop in a household in which he was able to establish a balance between his left and right brain.  During high school, Obiora lost his creativity and has struggled to regain it.  This has made his journey difficult.

In recent years, he has been consciously making an effort to reconnect with his inner artist while evolving and transforming like a butterfly...the theme of Expanding Horizons Through Creative Expressions: Reflections and Thoughts Related to the Struggle for Peace, Sustainability, Equality, and the Search for Humanity.  Expanding Horizons Through Creative Expressions is Obiora’s first book and his passion can be felt from the first until the last page!  In this inaugural publication, he has included poetry, essays, editorials, and various thoughts about spirituality, peace, the police, education, love, gardening, and awareness because he believes that "awareness is needed to break out of old patterns."

As an Eco‐Conscious Thinker Obiora finds solitude in Nature and believes that some of his best writing comes to him while outside communing with her.  He has been writing since elementary and started sharing it with the world in 2002 because he felt it was time as a truth seeker to shed light into the darkness.  Since then some of Obiora’s work has appeared in Ace Weekly, Peaceways, the Kentucky Kernel, the Lexington Herald–Leader, North of Center, and The KeyNews Journal.  Between 2011 and 2012, he co‐authored Whole Measures for Community Food Systems (WM CFS): Stories from the Field.  In addition to the topics that he covers in Expanding Horizons Through Creative Expressions he has written about Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs, hempe and marihuana, organic farming, Thanksgiving, and much more!

As Obiora continues to resurrect his creativity, he has resumed his sketching and Nature photography.  Also, he is growing food for humans, pollinators (not limited to European honeybees), and wildlife and doing what he can to improve the land he calls home.

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