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Obiora N. Embry is a truth seeker that tries to shed light into the darkness that we stumble through as we journey through life on Earth.  He was once a creative person and slowly but surely he is trying to regain or relocate the creativity that he lost while in high school.  This has made his journey through life difficult as he has been trying to resurrect his former self while evolving and transforming like a butterfly.

In 2012 and 2013, he started to pursue some of his lost creative pursuits.  In doing so, he finally completed his first book, Expanding Horizons Through Creative Expressions: Reflections and Thoughts Related to the Struggle for Peace, Sustainability, Equality, and the Search for Humanity.  Obiora hosted a book signing and photo exhibit in Columbus, OH before moving back to Lexington, KY where he now resides.  While in Columbus, Obiora was driven to resume his sketching and Nature photography after a long hiatus.

Now that he is back in Kentucky, he plans to continue his creative pursuits; do more writing to shed more light; grow food for humans, pollinators, and wildlife; grow and expand his businesses; partner with his family on business projects; and do what he can to improve the city that he calls home.

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