Jim Embry

photograph of Jim Embry

Jim Embry director of Sustainable Communities Network regards himself as a sacred Earth activist who has been blessed to share his creative expressions and activism through photography.  Well‐known for his 50+ years of social justice and sustainability activism, Jim has traveled with his camera to such places as Italy for Terra Madre/Slowfood, Canada, Brazil, India, Mexico, Cuba, other Caribbean countries and many places around the USA.  As a scuba diver he has had the divine blessing to be in the womb of our mother—the ocean—from whence we evolved and where the colors are so incredible, the creatures so unique and the silence so spiritual.

Jim maintains that we are all artists with multiple avenues of creativity, and photography is but one of his creative expressions.  His photography is meant to be a reflection of our deeper humanity and a visible voice that speaks our truth and connections with life around us.  Given a camera as a young boy by his mother to capture family gatherings, Jim went on to capture the social movements and protest events that he was part of and eventually also the beauty of nature.  His forthcoming book, Through the Lens of a Sacred Earth Activist: Italy and Terra Madre, will combine his narrative of social activism with the beauty of the Earth.

His activism has included the restoration of Lexington’s African Cemetery No. 2, serving on the board of The First African Foundation, working with the Youth GreenCorps, and various community projects.

Jim Embry’s photos have been featured in ACE Weekly, "Art in Bloom" at the UK Singletary Center, St. Joseph Hospital Women’s Unit, local exhibits, and in The Sustainable World Sourcebook for which he was also a featured writer and photographer.  His book, Through the Lens of a Sacred Earth Activist: Terra Madre and Italy will be published this Fall and is dedicated to his aunt and uncle, Bessie and Andrew Johnson, who were a source of inspiration for his work in the local food and sustainability movement.

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